Welcome !

Bienvenue sur budget365, un blog sur comment faire son budget, épargner, investir, voyager, prendre sa retraite et autres expériences personnelles chemin faisant.

Welcome on budget365, a personal finance blog about how to track your expenses, do your budget, save money, travel more with less, retire early and other personal experiments along the way.

What will you find here ?

blog posts about my opinion on money topics, savings achievements and maybe a few tips along the way, but mostly I am doing this to track my own progress, so far it is a bit of a journal on my way to save and retire early if possible, and I hope some of it will be food for your own thoughts.

Sometimes I write in French, mostly in English.

What you won’t find here

10 tips about this and 5 ways about that that will make you magically wealthy. No secret recipe about how to become an overnight millionaire either; feeling disappointed ?