The ratchet effect

how come some of the personal finance bloggers achieve 40 or 50% savings when most of us struggle to save 10% ? I barely hope for 30% myself this year and I feel committed to this. To go beyond that first 10% saving level you can start buying more clever, wait for promotions, buy in … Continue reading The ratchet effect


6 months into saving

6 months since I have taken the BSRI challenge, so where do I stand ? I have managed beyond my own expectations so far this first half of the year: My overall saving rate is close to 38%, hoping to maintain a figure above 30% as budgeted for 2017. I didn't went to extreme measures … Continue reading 6 months into saving

Comment se mettre à épargner ?

Comment se mettre à épargner ? How to jump start the saving process ? Mettre de l’argent de côté est pour certains un réflexe régulier, pour d’autre une contrainte sans intérêt. Même si les fruits de son épargne peuvent être récoltés relativement rapidement au bout de 6 mois ou un an, le résultat peut paraître … Continue reading Comment se mettre à épargner ?