I've talked earlier about different methods to do your own budget, clearly using a pencil and a sheet of paper and a calculator is the way to go if you are no too familiar with spreadsheets. Interestingly enough though, spreadsheets are not that new... Digging the past The first time ever you could use a … Continue reading Spreadsheets


A few calculations

How long before retiring, how much to save ? Two crucial questions that a bit of spreadsheet magic can help answering... Let say you start work at 25, with 35KE p/a, free of debt, and ten year later you manage to get paid 45KE p/a Your budget on average might look like this: Then we … Continue reading A few calculations

Analyser ses dépenses (2)

Maintenant que nous avons un extrait de nos transactions bancaires, on va voir comment analyser rapidement les dépenses. Calcul du solde On calcule le solde de chaque opération qui permet de prendre en compte les mouvement débit et crédit dans une seule colonne: Ensuite, on insère une formule de calcul qui va permettre d'obtenir le … Continue reading Analyser ses dépenses (2)