Paradise Lost

I've already been further the Retired Early mark as I know it, I passed 40 years of age. As many of you, I probably realized a bit too late that if I am to live long I might not work just as long and I'd need a bit of money to support myself, ooops...


New WP Theme

bye bye Edin, welcome Colinear. After a year or so, well maybe a year and a half thinking about it, using Edin as a Theme for the blog , I decided to move to something different. I hope my followers and readers will appreciate it more first because it feels simple to use and navigate … Continue reading New WP Theme

Prise de conscience

Prise de conscience Jusqu’ici j’avais surtout mis de côté pour financer des projets personnels, essentiellement des voyages ou des vacances, et essayer de rembourser mes emprunts par anticipation. J’ai reçu mon relevé de retraite à 35 ans qui récapitule l’ensemble de mes cotisations. Comme tout expatrié, j’ai passé du temps à travailler en-dehors du système … Continue reading Prise de conscience