10 months into saving

10 months since I have taken the BSRI challenge, so where do I stand ? I have done OK I guess...


The ratchet effect

how come some of the personal finance bloggers achieve 40 or 50% savings when most of us struggle to save 10% ? I barely hope for 30% myself this year and I feel committed to this. To go beyond that first 10% saving level you can start buying more clever, wait for promotions, buy in … Continue reading The ratchet effect

The benefits of a dashboard

Yes I am spending more time than I should on my personnal dashboard. First off I like it. It's never been easier to get you hand on some tutorial on-line helping you with pretty much every construction steps on Excel. I also use Excel at work so it makes it easier I guess to start … Continue reading The benefits of a dashboard

L’habitude de faire sont budget

L'habitude de faire son budget The budget habit Je passe personnellement beaucoup de temps à faire mes comptes personnels. Non pas que ce soit une passion particulière, mais qu'au fil du temps et de mes besoins, il est devenu important de pouvoir se projeter dans le futur proche au moins d'un point de vue financier … Continue reading L’habitude de faire sont budget