Paradise Lost

I've already been further the Retired Early mark as I know it, I passed 40 years of age. As many of you, I probably realized a bit too late that if I am to live long I might not work just as long and I'd need a bit of money to support myself, ooops...


New WP Theme

bye bye Edin, welcome Colinear. After a year or so, well maybe a year and a half thinking about it, using Edin as a Theme for the blog , I decided to move to something different. I hope my followers and readers will appreciate it more first because it feels simple to use and navigate … Continue reading New WP Theme

The benefits of a dashboard

Yes I am spending more time than I should on my personnal dashboard. First off I like it. It's never been easier to get you hand on some tutorial on-line helping you with pretty much every construction steps on Excel. I also use Excel at work so it makes it easier I guess to start … Continue reading The benefits of a dashboard