Analyser ses dépenses (4)

Récemment j'ai publié un post sur mon dernier rapport de dépense du trimestre en cumul sur 3 mois glissants. Voilà le détails sur comment je m'y prends pour


Dashboard changes

currently working on rearranging my dashboard for year-end reports. The regular day to day dashboard is ready and works well, but so far it was still tied to the underlying pivot-tables. As some of you may know, Excel version for Mac is not as advanced as the latest on PCs, so I am using old-fashioned tricks instead of … Continue reading Dashboard changes

The benefits of a dashboard

Yes I am spending more time than I should on my personnal dashboard. First off I like it. It's never been easier to get you hand on some tutorial on-line helping you with pretty much every construction steps on Excel. I also use Excel at work so it makes it easier I guess to start … Continue reading The benefits of a dashboard