2017 wrap – up

I finally found some time to put together my mini reports about my personal spending for the past year of saving challenge. #BSRI update I am below spending budget (Woo Hoo!), I planned for around 20% savings, finally achieving right above 30%, my highest saving rate ever. However, despite more frugal than usual lifestyle, I … Continue reading 2017 wrap – up


A history of saving

Here is a short summary of my saving rates over the course of the past 5 years; (I still have to work on the earlier years). Variations depending on real life events such as moving jobs... A saving rate above 100% means I sometimes get a deposit back or some taxes back  which in some … Continue reading A history of saving

Where is the money gone ?

Retour dans le passé sur toutes mes dépenses du quotidien Quelles sont les premières infos que j'ai pu tirer de cette base ? Au début pas grand chose, j'ai passé beaucoup de temps à tout remettre au même format car j'ai changé plusieurs fois de méthode en cours de route. So what could I get … Continue reading Where is the money gone ?