2019 Saving Rate

Not a bad year…

time to reflect on the past year and publish 2019 results:

Saving Rate 2019
Saving Rate 2019

some could say it is not the best year ever because I dropped the ball and went back to mindless spending… not at all dear reader, not at all… this figure involves a few changes worth taking into consideration, including property investment wich means part of the saving is now realized through mortgage reimbursment, which doesn’t show here since it’s a basic analysis of what comes in and out of my current accounts on cumulative grounds…

And again…

yes I could have been more frugal (hear that self-whipping repent-yourself speech), but I have some passions in life and as you may know passion is non-negotiable… bla bla bla… and still looking forward to try my new toys next summer 🙂

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