Year End 2018

Another year has passed, and some graphs to prove it was worth the savings efforts:

2018 Saving rates

2018 Saving rates were as high as ever this year, with a heartbeat in October as some went to an investment plan. What is there to say about it ? was it difficult? no. Is it beneficial? the answer is yes. I think I am pretty much pension proofed now, provided I keep working to support myself for another 15 years or so, there will be something waiting for me there when I want to step down or more probably when I am made to…

The fact that saving rate for 2017 and 2018 are identical is pureley coincidence, infact if I put back in the mount invested in October, I am well above 40% saving rate overall, which is my best performance ever 🙂

Q4 2018: more details than usual… also worth mentioning a nice year end bonus lies in there too

So what is next ? well, I’ll certainly keep at it, the plan now being more about not trying to eat the capital as I need it to be there now and then; other than that there is life to enjoy 🙂 I am no longer tied to super save, I just have to spend and save wisely, with a bit more stretch; it’s almost the same as before though: I do not see why I’d suddenly spend everything I make when it’s been made so obvious to me there is very little satisfaction to have in doing so.

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