2017 wrap – up

I finally found some time to put together my mini reports about my personal spending for the past year of saving challenge.

#BSRI update

I am below spending budget (Woo Hoo!), I planned for around 20% savings, finally achieving right above 30%, my highest saving rate ever. However, despite more frugal than usual lifestyle, I still managed to live almost like nothing special was underway.

Expense Report - FY 2017I saved 70% more than last year overall, a great achievement.

#BSRI - FY 2017

The story told by figures here is that beginning of the yeat was a far smoother ride than the end of the year, I almost thought I wouldn’t achieve these 30% savings. I also want to underline it was achieved by living normally, I didn’t postpone important expenses like car maintenance if needed, neither did I ban all forms of traveling abroad or eating out.

Cumulative Saving Rate p Month - FY 2017

Comparison with previous years

here you have the monthly saving rate (non-cumulative) exposed, meaning if I show a negative percentage I have spent more than I made, or I just didn’t have any money coming in. I have to mention here I have passive income coming in and I am never with absolutely zero income coming in anymore, which makes a difference I should say ever since it started three or four years ago. I can only recommend you build this other income stream as early as you can to support yourself. It made a difference in my life from a materialistic standpoint, but also gives a foretaste of what retirement should feel like, not so demanding as everyday work but not entirely worry-free either.Savings Report 2012 - 2017

Spend Analysis

This is the spending breakdown I use, and the percentage versus budget.

Spend Analysis - FY 2017I have spent far less than I planned for on transport and also on food.


I make sure budget figures are not tight especially on food, I almost come in under budget figures for food, if I spend according to my habits, I can almost always afford some eating out and special treats along the way. I saved a bit more than 500 Euros here.

Transport spending

I’ve been biking to work for the first part of the year. But again there is ample room for anything bad happening to the car that I just didn’t have to use. This year I saved more than 1000 Euros vs budget in this category.


everything from clothing to day to day expenses like stationery, USB charging cables, sport club subscriptions and other fees, and so on and so forth; I tried to keep spending here as low as possible. It’s definitely an area where progress can be made given the huge amount of crap I used to buy. This year I saved more than 1500 Euros vs budget here.  Still, I spent around 250 Euros a month in this category, I usually plan for 350.


I have overspent here, might also be because my budget was not inclusive of some items I finally decided would go in there. This year I spent 146 Euros more than I planned for.