Dashboard changes

cropped-cropped-money-o-meter.jpegcurrently working on rearranging my dashboard for year-end reports.

The regular day to day dashboard is ready and works well, but so far it was still tied to the underlying pivot-tables. As some of you may know, Excel version for Mac is not as advanced as the latest on PCs, so I am using old-fashioned tricks instead of slicers to get what I want on display and still being able to browse through previous or forthcoming months with all charts automatically updating.

It turned out as I was building the whole thing that my dashboard was still on the same spreadsheets as the Pivots, not so convenient after all, so I decided to separate these today… as well as making some advancement so my fancy reports become all automatic so I pretty much have nothing to do when it comes to publishing my quarterly results 🙂 (feels like office work a bit no ?)