Year-end approaching

November nearly over, I am starting reflecting on the past year and the things I’ve learned from the saving challenge. So far no regrets embarking on the #BSRI ship for a year, it has not been a comfortable and smooth ride but I certainly made some progress in the way I buy things.

I’ve spent quite a while trying to figure out what is the real motivation behind any purchase and if I couldn’t do anything better with my money or just not do anything at all and delay gratification a bit for the sake of something better.

I’ve also learned it’s actually quite hard to know what you really want, not just give in to impulses or needs, but really focus on what you want to achieve, make the best of the resources you have to reach that goal. It better be well defined otherwise you might never reach anything at all, whether it’s saving more, spending less (not necessary the same thing), or just become aware of what you are doing instead of blindly following the same patterns.

Once you start eliminating spending as the main (the only) source of fun, you have to become creative if you still want to keep your life great, not an effort I was quite used to. You truly have to consider keeping what you have instead of upgrading, use things a bit longer instead of replacing, etc… which is a true source of discomfort.

It’s also a source of freedom as you well being no longer relies on an outside product. It kind of make sense to become a good person to yourself and others because you no longer spend in order to distract you from yourself, your job or your frustrations.

I will start to provide more insight into this past year very soon after we enter 2018