10 months into saving

10 months since I have taken the BSRI challenge, so where do I stand ?
I have done OK I guess despite very bad third quarter as I only cashed in a 6 weeks contract with the next to start only later this month.Since I planned Q3 to be a losing money quarter and it wasn’t, this makes the overall Budget versus Actual cumulative saving summary look very good indeed…

#BSRI 2017 Q3 cumulative

…while my overall saving rate is hammered back down to 33%, still hoping to maintain a figure above 30% as budgeted for 2017 (fingers crossed now). Still no extreme measures such as cutting all lattes and eating out, I just spent some on car service and servicing my bike as well beginning of Q4 instead of Q3.
Food spending 20% lower than budget in Q3.
Transport spending 70% lower, all maintenance actually spent in October.