6 months into saving

6 months since I have taken the BSRI challenge, so where do I stand ? I have managed beyond my own expectations so far this first half of the year:

#BRSI - 1S 2017

My overall saving rate is close to 38%, hoping to maintain a figure above 30% as budgeted for 2017. I didn’t went to extreme measures such as cutting all lattes and eating out, in fact I cut most expenses on transport cost using a bike, not buying unnecessary clothing items, especially shoes and T-shirts. When it comes to food on the other hand I actually allow myself a much higher spend than I actually need, which helps me feel like my basic needs are completely fulfilled instead of dreading minor overspend here and there, and if I manage to maintain food spend below budget I can even reward myself by eating out (pic-nic or slice of pizza + wine at a café) weather permitting as time moves towards month-end which is a very pleasant and rewarding way to manage things rather than having to beat unnecessary food frustrations on a daily basis: all I am trying is to stay within my budget, I am not on a diet.

Erratum – 09-09-2017

after reviewing figures and realizing I completely missed a big payment due January 2017 after receiving a reminder e-mail in august, I have updated the saving tracker table for 2017 S1 as follow:

#BSRI 1st semester v2




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  1. Congratulations! We did the same thing – we actually increased our grocery budget. We didn’t try to cut anything actually – we just made a game out of increasing our savings account 5% at a time. The game took off and like you, grew higher than we dared hope.

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