Budgeting adventure

Two very minor changes recently occurred in my budget:

  1. I received a pay-hike of 40 EUR/month
  2. I cancelled a smartphone subscription of 20 EUR/month

Well.. now you might be thinking it is not a tremendous change in lifestyle habit, not really close to a lottery winning ticket thing either… I am not really amazed by how slow the progress are being made. It’s barely the cost of a full tank of gas a month, or a new jacket, or a new pair of sneakers – hmm wait a minute actually maybe not, considering lots of them now cost around a hundred euros for some recycled vintage designs with new fabric and fancy colours – all of which is not going to change my life forever anyway.

However, if you consider it over a 10 years timespan everything else considered equal, the story told here is different: 40+20x12x10=7200 Euros, this is almost 6 months worth of savings I don’t have to work for.

OK I heard you, you’ve read this on other blogs, this is too simple maths for you, it’s too obvious man cut it out, or you think I definitely lack inspiration here, but please bear in mind one thing: the first and maybe the only person I’m trying to convince here is me.


3 thoughts on “Budgeting adventure

  1. Congrats and cutting down the expenses increasing your income! It’s exciting to see how much of an impact the small things can have 🙂

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  2. I totally get it. It won’t be your only increase either and you’ll find other ways to reduce expenses a little and a little there. The results start to compound and it makes a big difference! I’m sitting on your bench!


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