Why is saving money so difficult ?

It’s a tedious process

It is not very rewarding at first, only at the end of a long process will I be a able to enjoy the benefits. It supports my motivation to go to work because I know now there is a way out. I just hope once time is here to enjoy freedom that I will not be too “institutionalized” as in the Shawshank prison movie, that I will still be able to be functioning out there on my own and actually enjoy it.

You have to plan for something you can’t see

The difficult thing about this process is you have to understand your situation and plan for something that doesn’t exist yet, a complete fabrication of your mind, a process so slow it only compares to watching the grass grow… it’s only when you look at it again after a while has passed than you start to see a difference.

I lost sight of my goals

I have to blame my lack of planning, the day to day life combined with other things more tangible and more short term rewarding in mind; still, looking back doesn’t solve it. I have to be a good employee now for as long as I can and stick to the plan. Thinking about accelerating the process, start my own business or may be just fool myself with the idea it could make things faster but certainly not less risky. Besides it’ll always be more confortable starting a small business of my own if food on my plate and roof over my head do not depend on it entirely.

Achieving Financial Independance is the key

Anyhow it’s only a few years more from now before I reach financial independance : no need for “fuck you money” any more because then it will just happen every month that I have enough for my rent, my bills and food in my plate, and even for some for gas in the car.

Until then it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, good things will happen and hopefully plenty of other interesting work opportunities and fun moment. I can’t think of it as a long tunnel with light only at the end, rather a long journey with ups and downs and new landscapes and encounters along the way; if you wait until all is perfectly safe to start or do anything in life, you might just not live it at all !