5 things to know about saving money

First rule of the Saving Club is: don’t talk about it

Seriously: don’t. All you will end up with is getting people bored, or even jealous. Money is still some sort of a taboo thing I guess; or is it just because you speak about it then people assume you have more than they do. I don’t know. All I know is sharing your saving plans or investment ideas as a regular conversation topic will lead you nowhere.

Second fact : They don’t give a sh…

… really, nobody cares; it’s all bout the next thing you buy, the next place you go and the next job you land. I enjoyed it just as well. But if you start speaking about saving aggressively now, or just saving for retirement people are going to start thinking you are crazy, definitely out of your mind, not enjoying life, in one word: boring.

It’s all about that saving plan

yeah… one hundred fifty euro a month and that’s it, I got it covered… all the saving tips I’ve ever been given where about this one. I took me to dig the internet to find out there was this little community of people saving more than you’d think possible, who didn’t come from the money but interested in going there. Have you ever seen advertised anywhere “Save up to 50% of you’re income” ?. The blogging phenomena around personal finance makes the message louder but I believe very few are listening.

Track everything

great. Good luck with keeping up with motivation and so on. Personally I have one Excel Dashboard I refer to to make sure I keep things on track and that’s pretty much all. Oh sure I read other blogger’s posts, I follow a few one even. And I tweet too. In the real world it’s all about you and your motivation and being informed. You might even start to realize your own personnal finance advisor start to think you’re a bit too enthusiastic about this and you have to slow down.

A personal journey

it takes something to wake up to this reality of one day being able to support yourself by your own, not just by going against the system by living in your self-build home growing your own food as a survivalist freak (even-though I think it’s certainly a very enjoyable lifestyle)
I still believe division of labour and a well developed financial system are still key to make our lives better: we have to learn and take advantage of it, despite all the technical terms and the so-called expertise necessary to get there only to deter us from doing it ourselves.