Saving Rate

It’s all about saving

why complicate things ? track expenses, stick to the plan and save, save, save.
January left me with a 37% saving rate, which I am happy with. I saved 50% on transportation, and a mere 19% on various expenses.


Now my Excel dashboard is complete , it has become an uncomplicated thing to do my own reports and track things, which saves my a lot of time time to focus on other things rather than overdoing this and eventually it will lead to good things.


As always, I could have been more frugal, but I have some passions in life and as you may now passion is non-negotiable 🙂 so you sell the stuff you don’t need during summer and you buy the stuff you need during winter, that is how it usually goes in watersports. Overall you manage to mostly finance the new gear with the money made selling the used one. Looking forward to try my new toys next summer…