Back to how I spent over the last ten years. Let’s have a look at transport, focusing especially on how much I spent on my car.

Fact 1: I like to drive

I like to drive…

Although it always feels more painful to book a plane or a train ticket, car clearly is one expensive way of travelling when you add it all up.

As for the Other category, here is how it breaks:

  • Plane : 12%
  • Train : 7%
  • Ship : 1%
  • Other : 6%

Fact 2: second hands cars don’t cost much

clearly one type of expense I’d love to see going down, but I like to travel by car, so here are my findings about how much I spent overall:

…Yes I bought second hand cars because they don’t depreciate so much overtime

To get to this result I used the depreciation table given by a recent study on low carbon cars in the 2020s you can find here:


I know now all this starts to look terribly serious but since I spent some time to look at it, I also wanted to compare my own figures against a reliable and less questionnable reference, my own model being far more simple going forward than the approach developped by Element Energy analysts in charge of conducting the study.

You also learn reading this document that electric cars will become competitive in the forthcoming years, no later than five to ten years from now, and further consumer savings are expected for ICE vehicles (Internal Combustion Engine); well the first way for me to save money would be to use my car less rather than buy a more efficient one.

Fact 3: almost 1/5 of my money went to cars

I spent 21% of my overall 10 years budget on transport, all of which adding up to a figure in excess of 50000 Euros, car expenses alone nearly 40000 Euros, a pretty big figure.

Digging the past

So now comes the time when I start thinking: “I could I saved that, why did I spent so much ?” and blaming yourself and digging the past even more about why you did all this, eventually coming to the conclusion you just lived your life and you can’t change it anyway, most of it was for fun things , living a passion or memorable trips so why regret it ? Having said that, it’s clearly not the way to go if you want to retire early !

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