10 Saving Tips

here is a few saving tips that I hoped to do myself as part of an everyday’s life money saving discipline and I actually never did, or I thought about doing but haven’t started yet. And best of all is there is not even 10 items in the list, this title is just a vicious trick to get you to read it and try to see the difference with my other blogposts in my wordpress statistics

Putting a money box on the washing machine

The idea behind it was I was thinking of saving the laundry money in this money box as I no longer need to go there, and then do something with it. And I still haven’t bought the money box…

Cooking my next lunch break lunch at home

Another good idea was to cook more for dinner so I can use it for lunch the next day, and so far I haven’t started doing it because I like the break it provides to go buy a sandwich and eat somewhere out rather than sticking to the office kitchen.

Think again when you want to buy something

I just do it too much which doesn’t make my life any better especially when I really need the stuff, and it is a constant matter of arguing with my girlfriend. Was this such a good idea after all ?

Pay yourself first, then start spending

So I guess the idea behind this one was to really make sure you are going to save money before you start spending it after your paycheck has arrived. That’s really because you assumed you would not have the self discipline to save it at the end the month after all bills are paid.
If your budget is strong and well maintained, there is little chances this will happen in my opinion, so I don’t do this one either. I check my spending every three to four days on Excel using my own dashboard and I still save money at the end just because I really want to.

Find a side hustle (and blog about it)

Maybe just find  a better job, with less commute, and keep free time for fun stuff instead of chasing little extras.
Unless what you do for this extra money money is also fun, or the extra money is really good, I wouldn’t see this as long-term plan to get where you want to be moneywise.

Less commute, use a bike

Yes, definitely a good piece of advice I think, and lots of time and money saved as well as improved quality of life. You have to give up the status that comes with the car though, not easy to do given the constant brainwashing since our childhood about how happy we’re gonna be once with have the next shiny new toy. As well as arriving a bit sweaty at work not really being an upside, but still worth it.

Cook yourself, stop buying processed food

Not only is it healthier, it is also cheaper most of the time, and sometime incredibly easy to do, like soups… even I can do it. The main part is really all about boiling water… And it’s not so time consuming. And you can then share the food you’ve prepared.
So lot’s of soup it’s gonna be.
And if you have cooked too much you can even bring for lunch at work the next day, ah no sorry, I don’t like to do that as I said I prefer my sandwich made by someone else… hmmm maybe I should rethink that. Speaking of which, are people giving finance tips actually following their own advice ?

Invest the money saved

The magic of compound interests overtime will always strike me. I am not giving any advice on how to invest it’s not the matter here, but failure of doing so could seriously harm your future wealth.

Read lots of personal finance blogs, or even start one…

…so you can go through other people’s advice on how to save money and hopefully enjoy some benefits and have your future a bit more planned. You may also realize around you how very few people actually care about their own finances. And it will definitely help you stay motivated to achieve your goals, as it does for me.

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