Setting 2017 expectations

December 2016

finally I am wrapping up 2016 showing a month of december with unexpected money coming in hence the negative spend of this month.



Overall I managed to save 36% of my earnings this year, which is probably my best achievement so far. My relocation clearly hit in september but I have recovered from it eversince and keep going up now.

How is 2017 looking like ?

I have strong expectations for 2017,saving is a priority now and the figures are reflecting this shift in spending. I hope I’ll be able to stick to the plan.

It remain a very conservative budget however, no big travelling time is included, as well as no new car and no expensive car repairs or maintenance, well nothing to unexpected I should say. Accomodation should be in line with 2016. Food will be more expensive, partially offset by more more cooking at home hopefully. I will be happy if I achieve 40% savings.


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