The benefits of a dashboard

Yes I am spending more time than I should on my personnal dashboard. First off I like it. It’s never been easier to get you hand on some tutorial on-line helping you with pretty much every construction steps on Excel. I also use Excel at work so it makes it easier I guess to start using it for my own good.


And then it’s a great way to keep track of my spending habits as well as a great reminder of what I am trying to achieve.I wish I started it earlier, it’s the kind of thing one it’s finished I cannot possibly conceive how I could manage anything money related before.

But it takes time. It is almost an equivalent to building your own little accounting system. And that is where the motivation comes from for me: It’s mine, it is how I want it to be, it shows what I want to track with the level of details I find relevant. I update it when I see fit, I transform it and improve it as time goes depending on new features I find interesting  or inspiration coming from other dashboards example I see online.

And it all comes down to one thing: saving.