Next year

2016 year-end in sight, budgeting for next year already… well not really, 2017 is already done, I will look at 2018 figures, only by copy-pasting 2017 probably; that’s the cool thing about automating the process, it takes less time. Still happy about doing my number crunching on Excel though, I am even looking forward to it, especially since I started to focus on retirement and maximizing savings.

I have done a whole bunch of spreadsheets to look at how long it would take if I wanted to retire early: and it won’t be very early infact, I still have a good ten to fifteen years of work ahead of myself before I can consider retiring safely, or at least be financially secure. Another god thing about this retirement simulator is that I could check if it is really possible to retire super early as some claim they did.

I think you can, you must make good money, not spend everything on commuting and accommodation and save very aggressively, nothing too hard to understand as basic rules of success: still it is easier said than done. Should we all do it then ? a very personal question indeed, I guess it depends mostly on if you actually like your job ot not… if yes then the prospect of retiring early could go against your personal ambition. A career still has a lot to offer.

Not mentioning it is a difficult thing to explain to relatives and friends, to such a point I recently came across a blog about secret retirees: a young couple that didn’t reveal a thing about it yet and wish to keep it all secret until last second. Good luck with that.

I think I will stick to the plan and consider myself lucky if I achieve to increase my passive income well enough to consider retiring while still in my forties. And yes, blogging about it helps.

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