About my car

I just saw a YouTube video about how some people managed to use the same vehicle for years, replacing parts and going 1 million kilometres/miles and more, I have no idea if this could work with the little black Peugeot I have now, but it is certainly a very good idea to retain in order to save money in the future, I just read that one guy decided one day the car he had at the time would be the one I would keep driving for the rest of his days. Interesting decision to make I’d say.

I like to drive my car

I cannot see myself completely car free yet. I like to feel the acceleration, which also scares my girlfriend a bit as the excuse that it is good for the engine to push a bit from time to time doesn’t seem to work very well now…

So far I still work on putting figures together about how much I spent own my transport over the last ten years and comparing it to on-line content about it. So far all I can say before I start publishing my findings is that most of the figures I found about yearly cost of a vehicle are not underestimated… A car really is a money spending machine, as well as a truly great invention. It’s just you never spend it at once so it’s hard to realize it is that much money going into it. Hoping to finalize and publish some real figures soon.