Printing machine

I recently watched a documentary about Gutenberg and how he managed to develop his idea of a printing machine. His original idea was about a completely different trade and eventually ended up with a second new idea leading to this new machine. He was first willing to get prilgrims of its time a cheaper way … Continue reading Printing machine

End of 2019 updates

I have updated my networth variation graph to include inflation rate. as I recently realized, not only can we print bibles and books faster than ever, but it seems it applies to money just as well...Portfolio and Networth variation updates still available, check it out Make sure you beat inflation... var _TradeTrackerTagOptions = {t: 'a',s: … Continue reading End of 2019 updates

QTD Expense report 09-11-2019

  I thought I had left super-saving territories but may be I didn't... getting towards year end in a more confident manner than I thought: still a pretty good saving rate... It's crazy how force of habit can give surprising results with moderate but repeated efforts towards the same goal (or direction if you prefer): … Continue reading QTD Expense report 09-11-2019