QTD Expense report 24-03-2019

I have left super saving territories for a little while (40% and plus saving rate). I've reached the point where more watering will not make the plant much bigger, and time and compounding are now of more of the essence of the wole plan.... still budgeting as tightly as before though, it's just sometime you … Continue reading QTD Expense report 24-03-2019


No one wants you rich…

...not your friends, not your relatives nor the books that says so, not even yourself most probably. Anyway, I remember back in the days I was a smoker, more exactly an occasional non-smoker, the rest of the time cigarette was on my mind, if not in my lungs. Then I realiszd i was not climbing … Continue reading No one wants you rich…

9 to 5

What else is there to say, it's all already in there... a letter from Charles Bukowski about work and life : I found it here 8-12-86 Hello John: Thanks for the good letter. I don't think it hurts, sometimes, to remember where you came from. You know the places where I came from. Even the … Continue reading 9 to 5

Year End 2018

Another year has passed, and some graphs to prove it was worth the savings efforts: 2018 Saving rates 2018 Saving rates were as high as ever this year, with a heartbeat in October as some went to an investment plan. What is there to say about it ? was it difficult? no. Is it beneficial? … Continue reading Year End 2018