Year End 2018

Another year has passed, and some graphs to prove it was worth the savings efforts: 2018 Saving rates 2018 Saving rates were as high as ever this year, with a heartbeat in October as some went to an investment plan. What is there to say about it ? was it difficult? no. Is it beneficial? … Continue reading Year End 2018


QTD Report mid-Dec ’18

Yes, once in a while I start with the mini QTD report that shows what my spending behaviour was over the last 3 months. And it's not looking good. Looks like I went off the Frugality tracks :-/... for a good reason: I have reorganised a few things along the way, which means without disclosing … Continue reading QTD Report mid-Dec ’18

QTD Report beg of November ’18

there you go another QTD report before Xmas time kicks in. I know I am going to be spending more than I probably should once again and so a nice little good-looking expense report is more than welcome right now before it gets ugly 🙂 But more importantly, I'll probably be going away from the … Continue reading QTD Report beg of November ’18